3 Myths of Online Selling

There are so many myths about sales and sellers. Here are 3 most common myths related to selling:-



Myth on sale 1: We can persuade anyone to buy

Perhaps indeed we can convince some people to buy, but now most of the buyers are savvy with technologies and consumers. Most importantly, you should analyze the potential of the buyer which you are targeting; do they really need your products or services? Shoot for a niche market that you know. You’ll have more success if you target on your product related market.

Myth on sale 2: You have to sell at any price and as soon as possible…

Some sellers want to sell at any price, even sell at a loss and they tend to lower their margins. Do not make this mistake. This is not the best way to retain customers. If you sell what you want at any price just to sell, you will not get away and you will continually losses because customers expect you to reduce your prices. This is not how you reach your sales goals and profitability.

Following a negotiation, if the customer does not agree to pay the minimum price you can accept: go to another client if you insist on selling to that customer than try to negotiate with them.

Myth on sale 3: The price is the main reason to buy

Although the price is generally one of the most important and often the first reasons, it is not always so. Other elements can take over the price, such as quality, appearance, color, material, brand etc.

The most important thing is not the price, but the customer’s perceived value. To find the best price for your product, do tests and see between several awards that best sells.

So remember:



  • Everyone is not your customer. Aim for a niche market and you’ll have more success.
  • Everyone is not a Buyer. So do not think you can persuade anyone to buy anything.
  • This is not a good idea to go into a downward spiral of prices to sell at any price.
  • The price is usually not the first purchase pattern.

So good luck in your sales!